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News, Events & Information - 2009 Archive

News and Information
23rd December 2009  

Merry Christmas from Tricks 4 Treats

A very merry Christmas to you all from the Tricks 4 Treats team (Jo, Paul, Teri and Sarah).

As a reminder to our current courses, there will be a 2 week break over the Christmas and New Year period. Therefore, the training courses will re-commence on 6th January 2010 and the Agility courses re-commencing on 9th January 2010.

16th December 2009  

Welfare in Dog Training

A new website has been created in a worldwide effort to change the way pet dog owners see certain televised dog training/behaviour modification programs:

This new website, 'Welfare in Dog Training' has full support from many well known organisations, including APDT UK, RSPCA and the Dogs Trust, to name but a few, in a combined effort to hopefully eradicate unnecessary and aversive dog training methods.

Tricks 4 Treats training instructors have been assessed and passed for full membership by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK (APDT UK), and feel very passionately against the use of harsh handling/treatment of our pet dogs'. We are constantly striving to improve the dog owning publics' knowledge of excellent and proven methods of training where all parties involved can enjoy their dogs' in all situations. Spreading the word can only bring about a better general knowledge regarding the training of dogs'.

Please pass this new website address onto anyone and everyone that cares enough to do the right thing by their dogs'.

18th November 2009  

Sandbanks Beach Dog Control Order Proposal - The Year Round Ban will NOT be Going Ahead

We have received confirmation from Poole Borough Council today that the proposed changes to the current Dog Control Orders for Sandbanks Beach will not be happening.  An article about this can be found in the Bournemouth Echo and online on their web site.

Many thanks to all those that contributed to our petition, the other petitions that were undertaken during this proposal and to the people who sent in emails and letters to Poole Borough Council against the ban being imposed.
14th November 2009  

Friends of the Strays of Greece Charity Auction

Auctioneer: PAUL MARTIN from BBC2 (‘Flog It’ and ‘Trust me I’m a Dealer’)

Meridien Milano Showroom
520 Wallisdown Road
Bournemouth BH11 8QE


Viewing from 7pm-bidding from 8.30pm

Several items will be subject of ‘silent auction’, therefore plenty of time is suggested for viewing

£5 per person inc glass of wine on arrival

To reserve your seat and catalogue please send a cheque for £5 per person payable to ‘Friends of the Strays of Greece’ to:
67 Woolsbridge Road, Ashley Heath, Ringwood BH24 2LX. Remember to include your name, address and contact number


More information on or call: 01425 478757

15th October 2009  

Dog Grooming Students Urgently Require Dogs to Practice Grooming/Clipping

Kingston Maurward College Dog Grooming students need some dogs to practice on Monday to Wednesday's. Prices range from £5.

If you would like to have your dog groomed/clipped, please call Sally or Noeline at Kingston Maurward College on 01305 215071

14th October 2009  

Sandbanks Beach Dog Control Order Proposal - Update

Now that the deadline has passed on all petitions relating to the Dog Control Order on part of Sandbanks Beaches, Tricks 4 Treats has contacted Poole Council (Nick Hill) to find out what, if any, changes have been made.  We received an email stating:

"The results of the consultation will be considered by full council and a decision made in December".

We will request an update again at that time and keep you all informed.

Thank you all once again for your support, all fingers and paws crossed for a good outcome!

3rd September 2009  

As one ends, another begins - Potential Dog Control Order on Corfe Mullen Recreation Ground

The petition is now closed and has been handed into East Dorset District Council.

A big thank you to everyone who has signed the petition and we will let you know the outcome of what is decided by the council.

It seems that each of the local councils are getting 'in on the act' of enforcing Dog Control Orders in Dorset.  We have literally only just submitted our petition against the proposed Dog Control Order on Sandbanks and have today found that East Dorset District Council are attempting to enforce a ridiculous Dog Control Order on parts of Corfe Mullen recreation ground as well as Fryers Field in West Moors and King George V & parts of Ferndown Schools' playing fields.

For further information please take a look here:

Tricks 4 Treats has once again raised an online petition against the proposal of parts of the Dog Control Order for Corfe Mullen.  We agree that dogs should not be allowed in the enclosed play area for children and the tennis courts, but do not agree that dogs should be kept on lead on the majority of the recreation ground apart from one area where dogs will be allowed off. Condensing all dogs' that need off lead interaction and exercise into a relatively small area (especially during those busy times) is not a good idea for the well being of our dogs'.

Please sign our online petition and make all your friends, family and fellow dog walkers aware of the petition.

We only have until 7th October 2009 to make our feelings known.

As was the case with the Sandbanks proposal where many letters and emails were sent to the relevant councillors against the Sandbanks Dog Control Order, please take advantage of all contact information and make your feelings known. If this continues, we'll have nowhere left to walk.

13th August 2009  

Potential Dog Control Order on Sandbanks Beach - Have Your Say

The petitions are now closed and have been handed into the Borough of Poole.

A big thank you to everyone who has signed the petition and we will let you know the outcome of what is decided by the council.

Tricks 4 Treats is once again campaigning against the proposal of a Dog Control Order on sections of Sandbanks Beach.  Back in early 2008 this reared its' ugly head and we raised many signatures against their proposal.  This time around it would seem they have changed their minds on the areas that will not allow dog access, but to us this feels like the start of something bigger, if we allow this continue we will suffer in the long run.

Please download and print our petition against the changes to the proposed dog control order for Sandbanks Beach (PDF file) and gain as many signatures as you possibly can.  If you are unable to print this out, please contact us ASAP, we are more than happy to send this out to you via post.

We have until 28th August 2009, so anyone wishing to take part in our petition, please ensure that you return the completed petitions to us at Tricks 4 Treats by 25th August as this will provide us with enough time to hand in the completed petitions before the dead line.

Alternatively, please feel free to add your name to our online petition against the changes to the proposed dog control order for Sandbanks Beach which will be printed out and also sent.

For full and further information on the proposed Dog Control Order, please take a look on the Poole Borough Council website:

29th July 2009  

UPDATE - Potential Dog Control Order on Sandbanks Beach

It has come to light today that Poole Borough Council are proposing a 'year round ban' on certain parts of Sandbanks Beach just in front of the Sandbanks Beach Office.

For further information please take at the following item on Poole Borough Council's web site:

A map of the proposed ban (as a PDF) can also be found near the top right of the article.

25th July 2009  

Should you have a wolf in your living room?

Kirsty Peake, Chairman of the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers, is hosting a very interesting seminar on wolves and wolf hybrids at Kingston Maurward College on Saturday 25th July 2009

For full and further information please visit the Kingston Maurward College website:   Details are shown on the home page.

20th July 2009  

COAPE Create a New Petition to Bring About Kinder and Non Harming Training Methods for our Family Pets

COAPE (Centre Of Applied Pet Ethology) have created a petition to discourage the use of aversive and coercive methods of dog training.  We at Tricks 4 Treats have long followed the Kind, Fair and Effective way of training within our classes and when training our own dogs'.  Not only is it fun to motivate dogs with the use of kind methods, it works.

Please read and sign the petition:

For further information on COAPE please visit their website:

13th July 2009  

Bone Idol - Is your cute Corgi ready for its name in lights? Does your canine crave the spotlight?

Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts will be running Bone Idol, a competition call to all Corgi owners.

With professional guidance from Jo Conibere of local dog training school ‘Tricks 4 Treats’, Corgi dog owners are given the opportunity to offer up their pooch to have a starring role in Roald Dahl’s family classic THE BFG, which runs at Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts from Tuesday July 28th

This coveted canine stage role is an amazing opportunity for your beloved pet to have a walk on part in the second half of the show with the character ‘The Queen of England’ (played by Heather Phoenix). In the very short scene the Queen and the Corgi will receive glorious acclaim and after a few minutes Mr Tibbs the butler walks the Corgi off.

Paul Tucker, Communications Officer, said,

"With the professional help of ‘Tricks 4 Treats Pet Dog Training’, we’ll be putting the dogs through some simple obedience tests and making sure they are happy to be handled by other people. We're looking for a dog that won't be put off by the buzz of the theatre surroundings and the audience."

The Corgi must be comfortable being handled by a non owner and the owner will be asked to stay in the wings during the walk on. Both owner and Corgi will be invited for the final curtain call, to receive a much deserved hound of applause from the audience. The owner will also win a family ticket to see the production the following evening. 

People are asked to register interest by emailing [email protected] or calling Paul Tucker on 0844 406 8666 and they will be given the date and time of the audition following registration.

Press contact: Paul Tucker [email protected] or 0844 406 8666

10th July 2009  

The PDSA's Startling New Study

The PDSA have recently completed a study that revealed HALF A MILLION dogs' aren't being exercised as they should be - nationwide!

For the full news article take a look at the PDSA website:
8th July 2009  

Ticks & Lyme Disease - Be aware!

The following link will take you to the PDSA website where you can read their latest findings on the number of suspected tick related illnesses, namely Lyme Disease.

It is vital to prevent nasty diseases such as Lyme Disease, as much as humanely possible, if in any doubt, seek the advice from your vet

13th and 14th June 2009  

Kingston Maurward College Open Weekend & Country Fair

Kingston Maurward College are holding their annual Open Weekend & Country Fair on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th June 2009.  In aid of 'Gearing up 4 Gorillas'.

Fun classes

1st Fun class judging begins 1pm

Prettiest Bitch
Most Handsome Dog
Best Crossbreed
Best Veteran (7 years +)
Best Rescue
Irish Brace (2 most different dogs)
Dog most likes its' owner
Best Fancy Dress
Musical Mats

For further information please see the KMC website:

For further information on 'Gearing up 4 Gorillas' please take a look at their website:

11th June 2009  

Potential Dog Control Order on Sandbanks Beach

Back in January 2008 it came to our attention that the Borough of Poole had decided to look at a potential Dog Control Order (DCO) on Sandbanks Beach.  After many Dog Control Orders coming into force, most memorably at Hamworthy Park where DWAG (Dog Walkers Action Group) successfully worked against the proposed Dog Control Order.

At that time Tricks 4 Treats set a petition for anyone to sign against any new rulings.  We stated that we were happy for the current situation to remain as it currently is.  This petition was handed back to the Sandbanks Beach Office Easter 2008.  The Sandbanks Beach Office also carried out their own survey, of which we were given a copy.  This was circulated amongst our clients and their friends and family, there was a huge response.  Although this survey was perhaps a little one sided, many people opted to elaborate on their answers.  It was still clear that everyone was concerned and didn't want to lose Sandbanks as a dog walking option.

Information on the current ruling can be read here:

All had gone very quiet, although we have constantly requested information on the proposed DCO, we felt reasonably assured that we had been successful.

It has since resurfaced and again causes concern for us dog walkers that enjoy the beach areas at the appropriate times of year.

The Bournemouth Echo has written a couple of articles on a potential new change, and it would seem that the change is exactly the same as suggested back in early 2008.  Tricks 4 Treats are more than prepared to become involved once again and would welcome any feedback from any like minded individuals.

Please take a look at the latest article on the Bournemouth Echo website where you are able to register and 'have your say' on this situation.

As the weather changes all beaches on the South Coast are inundated with tourists, not a complaint in the slightest.  However, it needs to be noted that more often than not the holiday makers' do in fact leave much of their rubbish behind. We ourselves have collected butane gas bottles, bottle tops, bottles, broken glass in various shapes and sizes, cigarette ends, nappies (used) and a fluorescent tube!!  VERY rarely do we see dog mess left behind.  For many, many years there has been a happy medium, holiday makers, locals etc enjoying the larger section of the beach and us dog walkers enjoying a reasonable stretch of beach during the peak times.  Having the wider section opened up to the rest of us for the off peak season is wonderful and prevents us all 'bunching up' at one end.

We have been in touch with the Kennel Club who are very aware of all DCO's nationwide and we will remain in contact with them to do our best to discourage further consultations. For more information, please see their recent article "Enjoy a Day on the Beach With Your Dog While You Still Can".

It is VERY unfair to vilify the majority in favour of the minority!

We'll keep you updated on any progress.
5th June 2009  

River Cruise in aid of Stray Dogs

A relaxing river cruise on Friday 5th June 2009 at 7pm.  Leaving Poole Quay and cruising to Wareham, return to Poole Quay at 10.30pm.  There will be a one hour stay at Wareham to enjoy a drink by the river, or fish and chips (not included).  There is a licensed bar on the boat.

Please phone Judy on 01202 696685 to book tickets, please do not forget to leave a contact number.

4th June 2009  

Congratulations to Paul

Tricks 4 Treats is proud to announce that Paul has been successfully assessed and accepted for membership with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (MAPDT 01039).

Many congratulations to Paul for his hard work with this excellent achievement, we all knew he could do it!

All members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers have been assessed according to a strict code of practice and have agreed to abide by kind and fair principles of dog training.

3rd June 2009  

Please Help Find Dusty

This poor girl was stolen from her owner from the front of the house while he was cleaning his caravan.

Please print and display the poster of this missing stolen dog anywhere you can if possible and keep your eyes peeled.

The owners contact number is on the poster. Stolen Lurchers have previously been found in Blandford, Salisbury, Oxford and other locations.

24th May 2009  

Stray Dogs Fun Dog Show in aid of Stray Dogs
Sunday 24th May 2009 (Bank Holiday Sunday) 11am to 4pm at Corfe Mullen Recreation Ground, off Badbury View Road, Corfe Mullen, Dorset.

24 classes £1 per entry

Best puppy
Child handler
Dog under/over 20 inches
Veteran 7 -11yrs,
Best oldie
Best condition
Pair of dogs alike
Prettiest bitch
Most handsome dog,
Pair of dogs alike/unalike
Junior handler
Stray dogs adopted dog
Best Rescue
Waggiest tail
Appealing eyes
Adult handler and dog alike,
Corfe Mullen best dog
Dog judge likes
Consolation class not won a prize

Don't forget your fold up chairs and weather equipment!  This event is held out in the open - weather permitting and can be windy.

Dogs entered at owners risk - please clean up after your dog. No Bitches in season
Stalls, Tombolas, Books, CD's, DVDs, Cakes, Jewellery etc. - You don't need a dog to enjoy the day. All money raised goes to stray dogs and helps us save over 100 dogs a year. Bring along your penny donation boxes if you have filled them. Donations of cakes, CD's, DVDs welcome (please do NOT donate any large items on the day)


  • Any animal medication - this goes to rescues abroad.
  • Grooming dog equipment if anyone has any
If you would like to help at the event please ring Sandy on 01929 463981

No stall holders required thank you . 
26th April 2009  

The Friends of the Strays of Greece Companion Dog Show & Doggie Fun Day

This very worthwhile charity is holding its' annual Dog show on Sunday 26th April 2009.  For full information please take a look at their web site:

25th March 2009  

Urgent Home for 11 Year Old Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Urgent home needed for a nice natured 11 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Female, White/Black in colour.  Her owner is emigrating and he didn't want to part with Penny early as she is so lovely, but time has crept up on him and he has now realised he hasn't got a home for her and he is due to emigrate on Saturday.

Penny is currently in a home in Wareham, she has lived with young children and is very nice natured, she loves to play with tennis balls, has no health problems and is registered with a vet in Wareham.

Could anyone offer Penny a loving retirement home.  Contact Sandy at Stray Dogs Sanctuary on 01929 463981
9th March 2009  

Crufts 2009 - Over for Another Year

22,500 dogs entered Crufts and this was whittled down to the final 7 dogs, one from each category. The final 7 dogs were a Sealyham Terrier, a Pharaoh Hound, a Standard Poodle, a Papillon, a Hungarian Vizsla, Boxer and Old English Sheepdog. The winner was the Sealyham Terrier, Am/Can/Su Ch Efbe’s Hidalgo at Goodspice also known as Charmin.

Because Crufts was not on TV this year you can check out the final Best In Show video via the Crufts YouTube site.

Crufts also held their "Friends for Life" competition again this year celebrating the bond which exists between owner and their dog. The award was won by Lou Holmes and her dog Brock, a Collie cross Australian Shepherd, who is a lowland search and rescue dog. A video of the presentation for Crufts 2009 Friends for Life is also available to watch.

The Tricks 4 Treats team watched the agility competition in the main arena throughout the day, which as always, is breathtaking to watch with some devious courses laid out to tax the small, medium and large breed competitors. Check out the video's below to see some of the action that went on:

Agility Highlights at Crufts 2009

Crufts 2009 Large Breed Agility Winner

You can also see the Mary Ray Heel Work to Music routine that she did for Crufts 2009 on YouTube.

Even if you only ever go once, Crufts is well worth a visit to see the dogs, the demonstrations, activities and 5 halls of stands to get your shopping fix.

5th March 2009  

Crufts 2009

5th - 8th March 2009 at the NEC, Birmingham

If you love all things' 'dog', then Crufts is a must!  There is a lot of information on all breeds at 'Discover Dogs', with many breeds to learn about, and meet.  You'll get the chance to see Flyball, Agility, The Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme in action, Competition Obedience plus much more, take a look at their site for further information:

16th February 2009  

German Shepherd Rescue Need Your Help

Back in June 2008 two German Shepherds were found in a terrible condition. All these months later the RSPCA have done nothing to help.  Please contact the RSPCA and support the cause...THE DOGS', they are in desperate need of help.  The more we all support the cause the more the RSPCA will have to take notice.

For full information on these cases and what you can do to help, please take a look at:

14th January 2009  

Kennel Club Bans the Mating of Father/Daughter, Mother/Son & Sister/Brother

If you have been following the debate about the breeding of Pedigree Dogs and the health concerns, you may be interested to know that the Kennel Club has now banned the mating of Father/Daughter, Mother/Son & Sister/Brother. For more information, please see:

Kennel Club Bans Father to Daughter Matings (Finally) article on Dog

Kennel Club Statement


7th January 2009  

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 2009, from all at Tricks 4 Treats.

We have started the New Year with many new courses, and there's more to come!  We have further pet dog obedience courses starting up at the end of January, these have very limited spaces and we are now booking for February 2009.

We are also due to start a new set of fun agility courses this month.  There has been tremendous interest in our fun agility and new members are always welcome to join our waiting list - please contact us for further information.

Once again, Happy 2009, please do get in touch with any queries or questions.


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